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About lumiche

About lumiche

Partners Michelle and Janice have been careful consumers of beauty and wellness products. Aware of the health risks posed by unnatural substances found in many of the products in the market, they sought organic and natural ingredients that help maintain luminous skin and a fit shape.

They have always had the dream of putting out versions of products they consumed that they can fully trust and rely on. But with anything important and close to their hearts, it took time and many long discussions to decide to pursue it.

Besides beauty and wellness, the partners have also always been keen on giving back. Realizing their luck in life, Michelle and Janice have always thought of how best to share their blessings. And so, after years of daydreaming the two finally partnered up and made it official.

In 2019, after years of research and planning, the daring duo launched Lumiché (Lu-mi-shei), a brand that will combine their passion for obtaining luminous skin and a fit body with their advocacy of giving back, focusing on health and education.

Well-taught by experience, the partners know that the best solutions are never the quickest ways, especially with beauty and wellness. The brand emphasizes the importance of consistency in the daily decisions one makes to be able to achieve lasting effects from sustained use.

Lumiché products are carefully considered and researched using natural, and in some instances, organic ingredients that help achieve luminous skin and a fit body without harmful side effects. In other words, GUILT-FREE.